Our club’s youngest players are organized into teams within the club and play against other AUSC teams on Saturdays. This program focuses on introducing soccer and team sports to pre-school, kindergarten and first grade age children. We play 4v4 soccer into 6-ft wide pop-up nets. Each child is guaranteed at least 50% playing time on Saturdays and practice is never mandatory. Teams consist of 6-8 children per team. Boys and Girls are separated into different teams and divisions.

We run our training sessions in a combination of Academy Style group practices and team practices. We use this program to introduce our youngest players to soccer, to train our volunteer coaches, and introduce our new families to the vision and mission of the club. 

Fall Micros Season –12 weeks total with two practices per week and at least 8 games (weather permitting). One practice each week is run Academy Style by our Micros Coordinator with the help of the coaches. The cost is $75 per child.

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